Kish Island

About Kish County

Kish Island is one the islands of the Persian gulf, in Bandar Lengeh county at Hormozgan province. Kish is the most important and most spectacular island of Hormozgan province in south of Iran. This island attracts one million tourists per year. Kish Island, due to many beautiful spaces and vistas of Hormuz Sea, has been chosen as the fourth tourism destination in southwestern Asia by World Tourism Organization. One of the reasons why it is a perfect destination for tourists is that there is no need for foreigners to obtain a visa in order to visit the island. The free trade zone position of Kish has caused its shopping centers to become one of the tourist attractions of this island. Kish is sister with two cities of Dubai in United Arab Emirates and Langkawi in Malaysia.

Tourist Attractions Of Kish Island

Parasailing in Kish Island

One of the pleasurable entertainments for tourists, especially teenagers is sky diving or Parasol in the sky of Kish Island. You get on board of a Parasol parachute and become elevated quickly by a boat. You will observe a beautiful scene of Kish Island, experience a unique sense of peace and the highest level of excitement in the azure sky and the clear and beautiful waters of the Persian Gulf.
Dolphins Park of Kish

Dolphins Park or Dolphinarium is one of the most beautiful recreational parks of Middle East with an area more than one million square meters, built by the investments of the private section. Visiting this beautiful complex with thousands of date trees and several other plant species, and the wonderful show of Dolphins, Seals and Porpoises is fascinating for any tourist. This part will more expand with the execution of projects such as artificial rain forests, volcanos, Orchid world, butterflies garden and one of a kind restaurants.
Kish Aquarium

Kish Island is one of the most important tourist areas in Iran and annually receives many tourists for its tourist attractions and the sights. One of these attractions is Kish Aquarium. It is interesting to know that Kish Aquarium is a separate aquarium with a capacity of 20 thousand leters specifically made for fresh water fish and there are nearly seventy kinds of decorative fish in it which are very rare in shape, natural color, scales and appearance. There are some rare complexes in this area and many salty water and fresh water fish are in some parts of it and different reptiles such as snakes and alligators are in the other part of it. Rare birds and mammals can also be seen in another part of it.
Horror Castle of Kish

Horror, screams and excitement in the first horror castle of Iran in the ever spring island of Kish. Horror castle of Kish is the first horror castle of Iran. It is a couple hundred meter cottage in Kish Island. It is an exciting and attractive place for those who like to experience excitement and horror in their entire body. Of course sometimes you have to run away unintentionally too.
Jet Ski in Kish

Jet-ski is one of the most pleasurable entertainments of Kish. The excitement of speed on the beautiful waters of the Persian Gulf with Jet-ski instruments provide sweet moments for tourists. By visiting one of the scuba diving and sea clubs of Kish, you can use Jet-ski and experience pleasurable hours with this instrument.
Scuba Diving in the Persian Gulf

One of the unique attractions of Kish is its various water sports and entertainments. Peaceful waters makes the conduction of many sports such as Jet-ski and scuba diving. People who desire to take control of the sea a little for themselves should try these sports, as it cannot be experienced anywhere else. Although, this should be mentioned that the sea sports of Kish is a little more expensive than its other entertainments. In this part, we introduce the recreational sport of scuba diving in Kish.
Glass Bottom Boats of Kish

One of the unique and different experiences in the beautiful Island of Kish is sailing on glass-bottom boats. As the name suggests, the bottom of these boats are made of glass and the sea can be easily seen. That is, when you are in these boats, you can see the bottom of the sea, its depth and the creatures in it. Watching the clear water of the Persian Gulf and its unique sea creatures will be memorable.
Marjan Beach of Kish (Coral beach)

Marjan beach (Coral Beach) Park which is located near Marjan bazar is one of the most spectacular centers of Kish and connects Marjan bazar to the beach. The Coral Beach of Kish is so blue and clean that any moving creature can be seen under the water for the existence of corals in various shapes and colorful oyster shells and different snails and sea stones frequently brought to the coast by the water of the gulf. Each year, many travelers and residents of the island spend their leisure time in this beach and enjoy the scenic views of Kish.
Kariz, Kish

Kriz or Kahriz is a Persian word meaning “aqueduct”. Aqueduct or kariz was invented by Iranians and has a historical background equal to the civilization of the Ancient Iran. Despite its long history and development of modern technologies, it is still vital for people living in many hot and dry areas. Aqueducts usually start from the heights or the mother well and finally end in kariz embody where water comes out of ground. Kariz Underground City includes three aqueducts and 274 wells which are an amusement place and allows people to visit the ancient aqueducts in the beautiful island of Kish. Some of these wells are totally intact and some others have been turned into a conoid form for better ventilation of light and air. Kish Aqueduct dates back to more than 2500 years ago and it used to supply the fresh and drinking water of island habitants. Kish Aqueduct is not comparable to other aqueducts in Iran in terms of length and depth. However, considering the very low slope of the island, underground water leading to the surface in Kish is highly important and shows that the most advanced methods were used at that time for digging the aqueducts. Some of its exquisite features are its eight meters roof that is mostly filled with fossils, shells and corals that date back to 270-570 million years ago in experts’ idea and each and every one of them has been identified and has a formal identity.
Kish Beaches

In the sand beach of Kish, the ground is coral and shines like silver under the Sun. The blue, transparent sea makes the bottom of the sea clearly visible. Coral is what creates this unique beauty. The corals around the island purify the water and make it see-through. Tranquil coasts along with the beautiful corals getting together provide a shelter for pretty colorful fish. Shining beach, blue sky, sea waves, and green coconut trees create spectacular scenery that no master artist can create. The other side of the island is also popular for its sunsets and evenings. When the water rushes, hits the rocky beach, squirts into the azury sky, and falls down again, a splendid view is provided. Fishing fans can catch fish on southern and western coasts. The color of the coasts of the island is coral shining white, a color that becomes more beautiful when mixed with the sunlight.
Paradise 1 and 2 Shopping Centers

Purchasing products from Kish markets with regards to product variety has always been enjoyable for tourists and travelers. And anyone who have travelled to Kish with any intention won’t return empty handed. Bazars and commercial centers of Kish with their modern and delicate architecture designs are operating in presenting any kinds of products. These bazars are one of the main attraction aspects of Kish and each year they attract a considerable number of tourists and travelers. In this part, we introduce the famous and popular bazars of Pardis.